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GCG Consulting was founded in 1990 and specialises in the property sector.
It has been advising clients - from single office firms to the major networks both in the UK and overseas and provides speedy, pragmatic and workable solutions to all organisations with an interest in UK residential estate agency.

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GCG | An Introduction

The UK residential estate agency market is undergoing a transformation.

In recent times we have seen the intense development of the internet and applied technology, the introduction of draconian regulation in the sales of mortgage related products and the overdue compliance obligations in the lettings and management sector, the end of the highly controversial Home Information Packs, an extended period of limited mortgage availability and slowly improving confidence in the residential property market. Within the industry we have witnessed the increasing prominence and clout of estate agency franchise and affinity groups and little change to the structural problems such as the lack of industry appeal to emerging talent.

All of this within the context of a turbulent largely unregulated operating environment and in the teeth of ever shifting market conditions.

So where are agents to turn for help?

GCG's driving philosophies are a hands-on approach, delivering results and adding real value.
It brings to bear technical skills, practical experience and a deep knowledge base to solve problems and provide advice and information in a systematic way.
GCG is also proud of its network of first class contacts which is unlikely to be surpassed by any other business advisers operating in this sector. It enables us to keep our collective finger on the pulse of the sector thereby anticipating rather than reacting to change.

We think it's unlikely that you will find greater industry competence and expertise anywhere in one advisor.

We’re here to listen, call us on +44 (0)1206 540011

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